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PELICAN CINE - Serves the luxury real estate, hospitality and travel market when using powerful, specialized video campaigns.  In doing so, our manufacturing efforts have helped sell multi-million dollar homes on some of the most competitive real estate markets. Through our understanding of the social landscape, our video products have the longest lifespan, turning standard content into compelling campaigns with thoughtful distribution strategies.


Our extensive experience in luxury real estate and travel marketing allows us to video campaigns that deliver proven results and increase brand awareness

Real Estate

Your luxury property has a history.

We'll help you craft an intriguing narrative and take your audience on an immersive visual tour.​

Hotel Business

Your hotel has its own history.

We help you tell the story your business with the same enthusiasm and the passion you have for him.


Your adventure has a story.​ Pelican

We create viewing experiences that say exactly what you offer your guests in the area travel and tourism.

Our process

No need to complicate

We believe that everything is simple.

We consult

We ask, we listen, we dig deep to set up a strategy that highlight your story.

We manufacture

We explore every opportunity, shoot from any angle and document each chapter of your story as it develops.

We deliver

We finalize the details, pack your project and present marketing a story powerful enough to inspire to continue.

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